About us

Who we are

We are an international team committed to provide high quality services in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Since UCC Chemicals & Crops is located in Wollerau, Schwyz SZ, we maintain contact not only with our international business partners, but also with local business partners who are based in Switzerland.

Core values

We believe in growth.

UCC Chemicals & Crops believes that sustainable fair growth coupled with innovation is key to successful international trade. We are convinced that economic growth leads to prosperity for all.

Progress through continuous learning and improvement.

We want to improve every day, which is why we love to learn. We are curious, and hungry to grow and develop with the humility to learn from each other.

We listen to understand.

UCC Chemicals & Crops believes that in order to best meet our customers’ needs, we must first actively listen and understand. We respect the thoughts, ideas, concerns and fears of the customers’ contacts by always listening carefully.

Integrity is not a question of price.

We value long-term cooperation more than short-term profit. That’s why we keep our promises and deliver on expectations.